r-te'dy /tè'dy / v 1pass (an illness) pasar (una enfermedad) Ute'dy Mari ru lo Juany. Maria passed a cough on to Juan. Maria le pasó la tos a Juan. 2string up (between two supports); atravesar Binngiw u-te'dy cabl ya'. The man strung the cable up high. El hombre atravesó el cable alto. 3transmit (an illness) to pasar (enfermedad) a Rte'dy Juan galgich Mari. Juan gives an illness to Mary. Juan le pasa enfermedad a Maria. [com. ù-][pot. ì-té'dy ]r-te'dy cwe' cross (the arms) (Related to: r-dedy /dèèdy/ hang suspended (between two supports); be strung up (between two supports); be transmitted (of a disease). )